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(Note:  I recommend you bookmark this page and come back to it later if you cannot read it all at once.   ❤️🙏There's a lot of very important content here that everyone should read!  I will tell you how to get a copy of my book after you go through the content on this page.  This is the last page.) 


What Happened In Nuh, WB, Palghar, etc. & What Should We Do?

Here is a message I sent to my friend after Nuh happened:

Doesn't this make your blood boil?  

Arnab Goswami's Debate:  Extensive Videos Of Nuh Violence Emerge

This is Bharat but it looks like Taliban, Syria, Pakistan or Afghanistan.  This is crazy.   Using automatic weapons on a Hindu temple and preplanning this using mountains formations. This is very very close to our national capital Delhi.  They've been planning this for weeks.

Same thing happening in Europe, France, UK etc. may happen in Bharat.  I feel this is heading towards civil war.  And media doesn't care to report this. Only 1 channel reports it, Republic. The media are anti Hindu by and large.   They don't care.  Most media are reporting mosque was burnt and imam was killed.  But not what really happened.  

And the Sanatanis are asleep. Hindu society is totally mechanized. We would rather depend on Modi and Yogi to take care of it. We are going to lose this country. If people don't wake up and start following their hearts❤️💞❤️💞.

 I asked Spirit what should I do?  Spirit told me the best thing I can do is focus on making my book go viral and ask everyone to join Higher Consciousness Foundation (I will talk about this further below).  And I will teach them Consciousness or Light energy methods.  It will transform our country.  It will transform Hindus!

Spirit also guided me to create Spiritual Kshatriyas organization. This means Spiritual Warriors.   Also Teens Helping Bharat organization.  (I talk about it further below)  The purpose of these organizations is to wake up spiritually. And learn who we really are. Learn about UFOs ETs. All that is happening now.  And start learning Light energy methods.  People can learn how they can transform their lives!  And transform society!

People need to take Spirituality seriously.  Start doing Hanuman Chalisa 2x a day. I do that with my mom 2x daily! And Bhageshwar mantra.  (There are many other things you can do Spiritually.  It's not essential to do what I do.)

Stop being mechanized. Start living like Spiritual warriors. Or Spiritual Kshatriyas!  Start talking daily to Spirit or the Angels or  Great Beings of Light. (read my book!)

If we do not wake people up and make this go viral🔥 there may be civil war in this country.  Especially if Modi and Yogi leave. Because we've got A-holes leading us and in the media.  This country is ripe for civil war or Spiritual transformation.  We can take our pick.

The purpose of my organizations is to help create a paradigm shift.  So people can start understanding more.

Sanatanis have become too enslaved and subdued. Their minds have been conquered.  It's time to wake up Now. 🙏❤️

Spiritual warriors and revolutionaries.  It's time to awaken and start the Love ❤️ Revolution.   Join the Army 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨⁷⟬⟭💜 of Light and Love ❤️!

We are recruiting!

We are envisioning a New Bharat!


Please Note - I recommend we should boycott all media houses (newspapers, channels) that printed or broadcast about the mosque being burnt etc and did not report on the temple being attacked and shot at with automatic weapons.  Do not read or watch any of their news!   Just as Bollywood has been boycotted, we can boycott media also!  The power lies in the people!

15/9/23 Note - I.N.D.I.A bloc has just banned 15 News groups including Republic.  We can boycott anyone who's not on this list.

You Will Have The Supernatural Energy Flowing In Your Life!

The reason that Bhageshwar Dham Baba is attracting millions of people to each of his Darbars and making such a huge impact  on the entire nation is because everyone can clearly see the Supernatural energy or Miracles happening around him!  Starting with the parchas (papers).  

In one of his videos, Bhageshwar Baba said that the reason he is doing everything he is doing is because he envisioned that it was a very dangerous time for Sanatan and for Hindus.  Hindus are in danger not only in Bharat but outside Bharat also.

What I am teaching in my book and in my free course that I offer is how to have this Supernatural energy flowing strongly in your life.  And how to connect deeply to Spirit and follow it's guidance daily.  Spirit has transformed my life and it will transform yours also.  I guarantee it!  Just make a commitment, not to me but to the Spirit or voice of God or the Divine inside you!  It's in your Heart!

Read my book first!  It is now time to reclaim our nation back!  The book takes only 1-2 hours to read.  (But just read the first part - just 20 mins.  Everyone must read this!)  It's available at the bottom of this page.


On the previous page the lady psychic said Hindus must transform.  They are deeply corrupted by the material energy.  This is true.  They are sadly broken inside.  God has shown me how to help heal and restore the Hindus.  Just read my book first.  And then do as you are guided!   I am not the only one who can lead people.  There are many, many.  Follow your Heart!  The most important thing is take Spirituality very seriously in this time!  Whatever path you follow, put your Heart and Soul into it!   That is what I do and recommend to others.  🙏  I am not saying follow me.  Follow the path that is closest to your Heart!  But follow it to the best of your ability!  However I recommend take the time to read my book (Just 20 mins if you read the 1st part.  It's Powerful!) 

Spirit Told Me To Start 4 Organizations Now

Spirit told me to start the following organizations (these are all online organizations):


Higher Consciousness Foundation - This is our main or parent organization.  It's about uplifting consciousness and creating a Conscious society, state and nation.  We do this by teaching people Higher Consciousness methods and Light energy methods.  I talk about this in my book.  This will teach the free courses, etc.

Spiritual Kshatriyas or Spiritual Warriors - This is the site you are reading.  This site is for uplifting Hindus, Sanatan and Bharat Lovers.

Teens Helping Bharat - This is for getting teens involved to help uplift Bharat so we can achieve the grand visions of Modi and Yogi to create 1000 years of freedom for all of us!   (I am looking for some good people to help me with this org and other things

❤️Prem  -  This is for helping increase the energy of Nationalism, Patriotism, Love of Country and Pride in Bharat, which is very essential! 


Please watch this video by an elderly Sikh leader!  (2 mins)

Are We Affiliated With Bhageshwar Baba In Any Way?

None of my organizations are affiliated with Bhageshwar Dham Baba in any way.  I just love what he is doing for Bharat and follow his teachings.  I do Hanuman Chalisa and Bhageshwar Dham Mantra jap with my mom 2x daily.  It gives me great energy!

My organizations are totally compatible with Bhageshwar Baba's work.  I feel what he teaches is Bhakti Yoga and what I teach is Jnana Yoga (or the Yoga of knowledge and greater understanding of energies etc so we can create a higher thinking or conscious society.)

Are We Affiliated With RSS or Hindutva?

I respect RSS and Hindutva, but my organizations are not affiliated with them.  


RSS and Hindutva are more about uplifting Hinduism, which I feel is very important work.

HIgher Consciousness Foundation is more about creating a Conscious society, state and nation.  By teaching people very simple Higher Consciousness methods and Light energy methods.  It doesn't matter what faith or belief systems you belong to.  We have members in many different parts of the world and of all different faiths.  We teach people how to be HIgher human beings.  (similar to Modi and Yogi - who have a Higher vision than most and who work tirelessly and selflessly towards that vision).  We teach all people how to do this!   My vision is we can create 1000s more Modis and Yogis - or people who follow their Heart!   People who truly want to serve Bharat and Bharatiyes!  I recommend start by reading my book.  It only takes 20 mins if you read just the 1st part.  It's excellent.  Or 1-2 hours to read the whole book.  My book is available at the bottom of this page.

I Teach Something Similar To Law of Attraction (The Secret Movie), But From A Higher Perspective

Many people have heard of Law of Attraction or seen the Secret Movie.  Lacs of people in India are using it with great success and benefit to live better lives and attain their goals faster, make more money, attract a life partner, fix their business,  etc.

If you have not seen the Secret Movie, it's available in Hindi and many Indian languages on Youtube for free.  Or Netflix.

What I teach people in my free courses is similar to Law of Attraction but it's from a Higher Consciousness (Spirit Soul) perspective.  More connected to who we really are.  What I teach works a lot better and easier than regular LOA for most people.  It helps us to change reality at a Quantum (energy) level.  It's very powerful and is totally compatible with science or Quantum Physics.  It can be used for groups as well as for our personal lives.

Please start by reading my book.  My book is available at the bottom of this page.  🙏

What Is Happening About the UFO/ET Disclosure Events In USA & The US Congressional Hearings?

Are you aware of the recent developments in UFO and ET disclosure, as well as the US congressional hearings  conducted by the US government on this matter?  This information holds huge implications for the awakening of humanity or mass consciousness  on Earth.  When people start focusing on the actual facts, they inevitably undergo a profound awakening, realizing that there's much more happening than what's presented in mainstream news or shared with the general public. 

In mid-June, some highly respected senior officers within the US military came forward with startling revelations. They disclosed that for several decades, the US military and Pentagon had been concealing alien technology and operating a clandestine program to retrieve UFOs. This program was kept so secret that it remained hidden from the US Congress and the majority of the US government for many decades.

News of these disclosures quickly spread worldwide. The whistleblowers alleged the existence of a shadow government operating within the US military and Pentagon, responsible for the custody of 12 spacecraft and deceased non-human alien beings. These claims were corroborated by numerous high-ranking individuals within the US military, and even US congressmen such as Senator Marco Rubio acknowledged the increasing number of whistleblowers coming out now.

The US government conducted congressional hearings during which three prominent whistleblowers were interviewed before the entire US Congress, and these proceedings were broadcast on national TV.  All videos of these hearings can be found on YouTube.

Following the congressional hearings, the Pentagon embarked on efforts to discredit the whistleblowers, despite their impeccable reputations and high military ranks. The aim was to shape the narrative, leading those who had been following the story to believe it lacked substantial importance. The intention was to encourage the masses to dismiss it and return to their state of unawareness or indifference regarding this topic.

For a deeper understanding of these events, I recommend watching an important video: 'David Grusch UFO/UAP Bombshells: Ross Coulthart Reveals the Inside Story' (

Rest assured, this is not the last we'll hear of this matter. More whistleblowers from the US military are stepping forward, and in the coming months and years, additional developments will continue to awaken humanity. I discuss these events and all that is going on further in my book.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

Also see these videos:

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers

30+ Military Whistleblowers have now come forward and given testimony to DOD, Congress about the existence of such UFO/UAP programs

The Harvard Professor Who Says Aliens Have Visited

The Stanford Professor Who Says Aliens are "100%" On Earth

In my opinion, most of the ETs are benevolent and highly advanced in their consciousness.  They have been on Earth throughout humanity's history.  They have been waiting for more humans to awaken and then there will be more and more interactions between ETs and humans.   In the coming times they will share their advanced technologies with us when enough humans have awoken.  The US military may stage fake alien attacks using AI to put more humans in fear in an attempt to block our awakening process.  

A huge paradigm shift is going on in humanity's consciousness.  This is by no means the last we will hear about this topic.  This is just the start of it.  We are going to continue to hear more and more on this topic   Which will cause millions of people to awaken and shift their consciousness.  This is a great thing!   Read my book!

Tees To Enable People To Make More Income

We are creating many tee-shirt designs and looking for several other great products.  We want to enable people to spread information about our organizations to create a nationalistic, patriotic fervor in Bharat.  If people buy the tees, etc from your affiliate sites, you can make additional income.  There are tons of nationalistic people in Bharat who support our cause and will buy from your sites!

I know there are many people who would love to spread info about Spiritual Kshatriyas or Spiritual Warriors group and our logo "Let's Create Bharat 2.0!".  You will be helping unite good people and creating additional income on the side.  Many schools or other types of organizations may be interested in this!

I know we all have to deal with inflation, but this is a great way you can make addifional income,  Many people can do this as a career if they cannot do a regular job or who would rather focus on Spirituality and doing this extremely important nationalistic work on the side!  And helping us create 1000 years of freedom!  This is my vision also, to help people this way!  

I sincerely believe that nationalistic, patriotic energy is the #1 thing that is needed in this country that will totally transform this country and make Bharat Vishwaguru!


Have Hanuman Chalisa Get Togethers & Parties With Your Friends & Loved Ones!

Did you see the video that went viral where the youth were singing Hanuman Chalisa in a cafe in Gurugram?  So many people were making reaction videos on this video, even in Pakistan.   Everybody should start doing this.  If you don't feel comfortable doing it in public places like these youth, do it in people's homes.  But start doing it!  This will help restore the Spirit of Sanatan in society!  This is so needed!  Especially a movement by the youth like this on a massive scale!  This will light the nation on fire!  People need to not just go to Bhageshwar Baba's Darbars by the millions, they need to have Hanuman Chalisa parties and get togethers by the millions also!  Get all your friends involved in doing this!   Get your entire family involved including your aged parents and the kids!   This will restore the country's energy  in the right direction!  We need this energy, people!  This Divine energy will heal us, and this nation!

Here is the link to the video:


We Must Have A Desire To Spiritually Transform!

At this time, all Bharatiye (all humans) must have a desire for Spiritual transformation.  Or a desire to connect more to the divinity that lies inside us, in our Hearts!    

This means we have a desire to do more than just to pray occasionally or to visit the temple once in a while.  Or to do nothing.

If you have a genuine desire for spiritual transformation, then there are many solutions.   Not just one.  I recommend read my book!  It contains a very simple path that very quickly connects you to your Spirit Soul self!  No need to go anywhere or spend any money.  Or believe in someone or something, other than our own Hearts.  You can start now, at this moment!  Don't make it a big deal.  It's very simple!   It takes very little time.  Even 7-10 mins per day is enough to start with,   If you have a genuine desire, the Universe brings a way that is right for you.  I'm not saying my book or what I teach is the only way.  But my book is a good start.  

(Humans think its about belief.  So some will say you must believe what we believe.  Or you must believe this or that.   It's not about beliefs at all.  It doesn't matter what you believe.  It's about Spiritual transformation or Heart transformation.  Or being a good, higher thinking human being!  It's about connecting with the Divine inside you!  This is what I teach and follow myself.  As best as I can.  I feel most good people or Bharatiye feel this way.  That is why can unite all good people and all Hindus and Sanatanis!  This is what I want to do is unite and inspire and empower good people!  By providing them the correct and very simple information that they need!  This is my passion and my calling from my Heart!  This is what the Divine is asking me to do!)

What is the one thing that can totally, totally change this planet for the better?  If all humanity decides they need to focus on spiritual transformation for at least 10 mins per day!

Please Provide Selfless Service To Help Us Create A Higher Bharat - Bharat 2.0!

We need a lot of help!  There is no way we can do everything on our own.  I know that Isha Foundation, Sadhguru's and Sri Sri organizations have thousands of volunteers.

If you read my book and love it, and love what we are doing for Bharat, etc, please consider volunteering some of your

time and energy to help us! Please message me at the contact info in the book (I request everyone read the book first!)   Clearly state how many hours per week you can help and what skills you have (if you have organizational skills, Youtube video skills, leadership skills, website skills, accounting skills, etc).  All the work we do is online currently. 

What If You Are Skeptical? 

(Please read the chat below this block that I just had with a skeptical Redditor!  It will help you tons if you are still skeptical!)

I understand that for most people who have a logical mind, it's very difficult to trust someone they don't know personally such as me.

Here is what I recommend.  Please read the previous page again about what the psychic said carefully.  Then request my free book and take the time to read it.  It only takes 1-2 hours.  Or just read the first part - 20 mins.

Then just close your eyes,  go within in your Heart and ask the Higher power if all this is true?  Then just act accordingly whatever comes in your Heart.

I am not here to try to convince anyone.  I am just doing as I am being guided to do by the Higher Power which is in my own Heart.

I know that big changes in Bharat aren't going to happen quickly or overnight.  Everything takes time.  It may take many many years for huge transformation to take place or in enough people.

Spirit is telling me that Bharat and Mother Earth are going to a higher level now.  This is happening whether we humans  like it

or not.  I have laid out a very simple path that anyone can follow, regardless of your belief or faith.

If you are skeptical, I recommend you can bookmark this site.  Once you see things happening in the world such as more outer world events and more UFO & ET disclosure events, etc., you may want to act on this or read my book at that point,  So please bookmark it and keep it in an important, safe folder or on your desktop so you can get back to it!

Swami Rambhadracharya told Arnab Goswami that there is a battle going on between Dharm and Adharm   Yes, I totally agree.  Adharm wants to destroy Sanatan and all of us!   They want us to be enslaved for 1000 more years.  Changes are happening in this world now,  whether we like it or not.  Humanity needs to awaken now!  Read my book!  ❤️

Now if you have read this far and are liking what I am saying, please, please, please suspend your disbelief and take 5-10 mins of your time to read this amazing chat I just had with a skeptical Redditor.  This guy became a full convert after I explained to him my full vision that I received and everything I was doing!  This chat will amaze and excite you!  We also talk a lot more about aliens, ETs, etc.  Please Click Here!


Thank you for taking the time to read this site!  🙏  I very much appreciate it!  Light & Love ❤️

To Access My Book, Please Click Here.

Please also subscribe to my blog / newsletter here:  (If you want to keep updated about all our activities.)

Jai Hind!   

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
Jai Shree Ram!

Har Har Mahadev!

Here Is The Chat I Had With The Skeptical Redditor!  Please Take The Time To Read This - It's Very Good!  Thanks!

bluthra:  Hi, I just wanted to ask you some questions, is that ok?

Ex4425:  Sure.  No problem.  Go ahead.  (Note - this is not his real Reddit name.)

bluthra:  Ok. DId you see the viral video about the Muslim guy who said when they come into power they're going to squash us Hindus like mosquitoes or Keede Makode?  Do you feel that a sizeable population in Bharat feel that way?  (here is a video short for those who haven't seen it yet (1 min): )

i just wanted to get a general feel of how people are thinking about my site  But please only comment if you have read the 3 pages on my site. 

Everything I am offering is for free. My book is free, my course is free.  I just want to change the lives of thousands of people in Bharat.  Only those who are interested. 

I am not doing this with no ulterior motive.  I know that the more people I can help, the more my work and project will also be successful. My book will become a bestseller (later, not now - right now Im giving it to thousands of people for free).  I know if I put out good energy and give tons of value, it will always return back to me. It will make me a lot more successful.

I am a LOA expert and i teach that for free also to those who want to learn it.  Let me know if you're interested.  

Ex4425:  Yes, that video has been shared with me.  And of course a sizeable population here feel that way.

Yes I have read the three pages of your site,  it looks like a recruitment campaign for your organizations and some people would really consider consulting you after reading it!

bluthra:  My book is free, my course is free.  My course is very easy to follow and no one is hiring me for consulting.  There is no need to.  Because its very very simple.

I am doing this work because I am heart driven to do this work.  I feel I was born here for this.  I have been spiritual from a young age.  My story is in my book.  The psychic I had shared on the 2nd page talks about it.  About people such as me.  That we have come here especially at this time.

I feel even if you just read the book, you will get a lot out of it.  It's very short.  And then if you like, you can learn the 7 min meditation method called Light Channeling.  Millions are doing it in Bharat.  Again, its free.  That will start changing most people's lives.

If you are interested enough to start doing the course, it takes around 1-2 hours per week to do it properly.  Just read my book. It's at the end of the 3 pages.  Let me know how you like it.

After reading the book, if people do the course, many people are giving me a small donation, which is entirely optional.  Even if people don't want to give any donation, I highly recommend do the course.  Because it will change your life!  I am heart driven to change the energy of this country!

bluthra:  I want to create a movement in this country where everyone starts focusing on Spiritual or Heart transformation for at least 10 mins per day.  Because the movement will be very powerful and can change this country!  This is very badly needed in Bharat!

We cannot just ask people to be good.  Because no one will be good.  They need spiritual experience.  That is what I am providing. I want to give people actual experience of this inner power that is inside them.  For too long people around the world want to depend on others.  Like lets depend on Modi and Yogi.  Or some Avatar coming.  Or Christians want to depend on 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

But no one understands that the power lies inside of themselves, in their hearts.  This is what I am teaching people in my book. Read the book!  There is a Higher power.  And it's inside of you.  In your heart.  But no one knows how to access it.  So I'm teaching people how to access it.  What I am doing is very important work.  Please read my story in my book.

It's time for this now in this world.  For humanity to awaken.  That's the reason we see all this stuff coming up in this world.

100% of what I do is online and it's free.  I am not a guru or Godman.  I'm just a regular guy, but I've been Spiritual since a young age.

Ex4425:  Sure!  I have got hold of your book, and I'll be giving it my time soon.

But spiritualism isn't something you can make people do if they're not here for it.

bluthra:  Thanks for agreeing to read my book!

I agree with you to an extent.  But here is my thinking on this.  The psychic said this: "...Souls from the other worlds had come to help reinstate Dharma even during the Ramayana and the Mahabharata Wars... The same will happen this time too, and this War will be fought on a very large scale.."  She said this battle has been going on since 2012. 

And that Hindus are deeply corrupted in Bharat due to the material energy of Kaliyuga.  They need something to shake them up.

There's tons happening in our world that should start people thinking or awakening in their consciousness.  Such as the UFOs/ETs and so so much more.  If we can create a powerful movement in this country, that will start awakening the sleeping giant.

It is so simple for anyone to email my site with the 3 pages to their entire list.  Anyone can do that.  People will start thinking, hey there might be some Great Awakening going on. 

See the video by Sister Shivani on my site when someone goes to click the link for my book.  I am asking people to see a 6 min video by Sister Shivani.  Please see this: "Kalyug Ab Khatam:  Sister Shivani Explains How Satyug Is Starting"  This video is on my book page. 

All I am asking people to do is at minimum they should be doing the 7 min meditation daily that is called Light Channeling. The Manasa foundation has taught this Light Channeling to over 3 Million kids in schools all over Bharat.  If school kids can learn this, anyone can learn this.  It's very simple.  Thats the minimum people can do. 


I have been doing this 7 min meditation for over 2 years.  It's absolutely changed my life!  I could not do what I'm doing currently without it.  All these ideas I got for spiritual-warriors site, and my book, etc., they came only due to this Light Channeling method!  Some people think they don't have any time.  If they spent 7 mins doing something spiritual like Light Channeling, I know they will have more time.  Things may flow a lot better in their lives.  They will have more power to get things done.  They may start making more income.

So slowly people will have an intent to focus on Spiritual or Heart transformation for at least 10 mins per day daily.  They will start understanding our movement.  So I see no reason why this cannot work.  This movement of Spiritual-Warriors can unite Hindus, Sanatanis, all people who care about Bharat, etc.  That is one of the biggest problems in this country, the sleeping giant. Hindus are asleep. Now the sleeping giant will start awakening. That is a very good thing!

Ex4425:  Well, I can agree on your point that dharma in the modern age is nowhere near what Dharma actually is, and your aim to cleanse the corrupted populace by introducing them to spiritualism. 

But the whole coming of otherworldly souls Is nothing special to make a base out of, they have always been coming within gaps of few decades to accomplish certain tasks, and they will continue coming even if there are Hindus left or not, their tasks doesn't concern any of it.

This certain rise in spirit behaviour will settle down within a century, this is more about their own work then any of the human interpretation.

But surely your words motivated me to look deeper into your work! May you find success in your goal.

bluthra:  What you are sharing with me is your beliefs about otherworldly souls. 

Spirit started me on working on this project or work.  I feel I am just the instrument and Spirit is doing the actual work it needs to do through me for humanity.  I am just following the guidance in my Heart.  I am envisioning that there is an army 💜🅐🅡🅜🅨💜 of Light and Love forming of thousands or tens of thousands of Light Warriors.  That is causing a huge awakening in Bharat and worldwide.

I am thankful for it and my role in it.  I am not questioning it.  Those who are right for what we are doing will come and join. Those who are not won't.  All is well in that.  🙏

Many others are doing their own projects in helping create this paradigm shift.  That will benefit everyone.  I am aware of several organizations even in Bharat working on similar projects.

For example this 7 min Light channeling method I spoke of, it came especially for this time of transition to Satyug or Golden Age.  It was given by the Saptrishis or Great Light Masters especially for this time or this purpose.  I talk about it in my book.  It has changed my life!

Thanks for your interest in my work. 😀

Ex4425:  These are not just my beliefs, if you know any higher being you can confirm it.

But I still agree that you might be an instrument for a betterment of society?  But Kaliyuga is inevitable.

I still want to know how I can help you, if that results to even a single soul turning conscious, please provide proper guidance

bluthra:  If you have some interest in learning more about otherworldly beings, please watch this video later when you have some time (1 hour):

If you have less time, then watch this video.  It's really good!  (7 mins):

After you read my book, your thinking about this topic will start shifting also.

A few decades ago, I read a book titled Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians.  It is the most enlightening book about what the otherworldly beings are here to do.  The free audiobook is on Youtube here: This is an international bestseller.  You can see it on Amazon.  It has 1800 reviews 4.5 stars.

You are right somewhat. There are a few ET races that were here to do stuff as you are describing.  But there are tons of ET races.  Many have been waiting for our awakening.  And helping us in various ways.  So we don't blow ourselves up, etc.

But they cannot interfere directly most of the time because humanity has free will.  We have to go through our lessons and awaken.  Our spiritual growth is very very important. 

But if you see the 1 hour video, or the 7 min video I shared above, your eyes will really open up about all this stuff.  I have been studying this stuff for few decades, maybe longer than your current age.  So I don't expect you to know or understand everything.  But you are more awakened than most, especially in Bharat.  Because in Bharat most people have turned away from spirituality.  Now there is more interest growing.  

(Some people have a mental block about this topic.  If you do, I recommend you do this.  See how many books there are on Pleiadians on and how well they are rated.  Then see how many videos there are on YT on Pleiadians and how many likes they are getting.  Read what I have written about UFOs etc above on this page.  About how the US authorities are hiding stuff.  Now several ISRO scientists including Nambi Narayanan have said that ET's exist - see this video:  (You can also search on Youtube 'Aliens ISRO' for more scientists).  ETs have been on this planet for entire human history.  They are talked about in the ancient scriptures including Vedic.  My understanding is ancient Hindus had regular interactions with the ETs and used to visit other planets etc. 

But I don't care what you believe.  Because I am not trying to change people's belief systems.  Most of what I am sharing in my work, it doesn't matter if you believe in ETs or not.  In my knowledge most of the inventions humanity is currently using such as internet and AI, quantum physics, LOA, etc have come from many people's interaction with these types of sources.  And many things that exist in Bharat such as Ajanta Ellora caves, etc.  Many experts believe that this technology is too advanced and no human can accomplish this.  They feel this technology came from the ETs.  On the higher realms the advanced beings communicate through telepathy and channeling.  They do not talk to each other like we humans do.  Now is the time for awakening, so we are going to be exposed to these more and more.)   


How can you help me?  Please read my book and then do as you are guided in your heart!

I don't think like a Bharatiye because I have been out of the country since I was 7.  So there are many ways you can help me such as tell me how I can make my stuff more understandable or appealing to people here.  If I can change stuff.  

I am about to start some heavy promotions of my book in Bharat as well as in Western nations. On various social media sites and then on YT.  Thanks.  Good to talk to you.

One more thing, the reason why I feel its important to talk about ETs etc is because humanity's thinking has been locked in a box for way too long.  This is illusion, maya.  Due to mainstream thinking, media, etc.  Once people realize that they've been told a bunch of lies, or half truths or untruths, they will automatically start awakening.  This is a very necessary process.  If everything we've been told isn't true, then what is the truth?  Humanity needs to go through this process or evolution of consciousness.

This is where my book will help you a lot.

bluthra:  Here is a Bharatiye talking about the same book Bringers of the Dawn in Hindi. This is a good video.

Her YT channel has several videos on ETs very informative.  All in Hindi.  Im glad I found this channel just now.

Now I just want to say, I'm not asking anyone to believe what I believe.  Beliefs are not important.  It's not about beliefs at all.  It's about Spiritual or Heart transformation.  I believe in Divine Love, Unity and Oneness.  That's what really motivates me!  Your beliefs will change over time as you learn more, or they may not.  That's ok.  But I believe all Hindus, Sanatanis and good people can be united now!  Then all humanity can be united now too - because really, there are no borders.  In truth, there are no borders or sides on a round planet!  Vasudhaiva Kuthumbakam - we are all One human family!  Humanity is starting to learn all these higher or spiritual truths now!  🙏

Thank you for taking the time to read this site!  🙏  I very much appreciate it!  Light & Love ❤️

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Jai Hind!   

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
Jai Shree Ram!

Har Har Mahadev!

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