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(Note:  I recommend you bookmark this page and come back to it later if you cannot read it all at once.   ❤️🙏There's a lot of very important content here that everyone should read!  I will tell you how to get a copy of my book later after you go through the content on this site.  It's just 2 more short pages left.) 

Is There A Huge Global Transformation Going On?

I have known that there's a huge global transformation happening or coming for several decades (maybe around 30 years.)   

I think everyone should see this video from Mukesh Vats, a top Indian astrologer who interviewed a top Indian psychic.  I follow Mukesh Vat's videos on Youtube because in my experience he is highly accurate.   Maybe around 95% accurate.   I feel this psychic who he is interviewing is also very good and worth listening to about the changes that are coming.  This video just came out recently (in August)  and has very important information for all Bharatiye.   She also talks about the Aliens, etc.  This lady remains in trance state most of the time and rarely speaks to people.  I don't know any of these people personally.

Here is the video:  Great Video!  (18 mins)

Please note, the psychic talks some about Kalki avatar.  I have no knowledge of Kalki Avatar, about if and when he will show himself.  I will say a few words about Kalki later.  But  overall I feel what this lady is saying is very true from the energy level.  Because I can see the same energies.  I talk about it in my book also.

Here is what this lady psychic said (I extracted some parts of it from the video that I feel are most important to understand.  Her comments are in quotes and in pink color) :

"Currently, we are going through a period of a massive 'Showdown'.  Like there was a showdown at the time of the Mahabharata,  Similarly a war, a show down, a struggle (by whatever name you may call it).  A massive confrontation is going to happen and it has already started from 2012 and this will be even bigger than 'The Mahabharata'. "

I agree with this.  Everything that is happening in our world such as bio-engineered pandemics, global recession, financial turmoil, massive expansion of AI with tons of risks for humanity,  global wars with crazy weapons is all part of this showdown.

"A lot of warriors of the Mahabharata time have already taken birth..and they are here to help Lord Kalki in the Final War  The 'Chiranjeevis', The warriors from the Mahabharata times and... apart from them many characters from different worlds would participate and help Lord Kalki.    Mukesh asked if she meant 'The Aliens' when she says people from other worlds..  She said, for the people on earth they might seem like Aliens...but a better way to put it would be calling them 'Souls from the other Worlds' to help Lord Kalki and according to her this is not a new phenomenon...

...Souls from the other worlds had come to help reinstate Dharma even during the Ramayana and the Mahabharata Wars...
The same will happen this time too, and this War will be fought on a very large scale.."

I agree with this and it's in my book also.  In my book I say that there are currently 100s of thousands (100,000's) of Souls born during this time who are called Starseeds in the west who have been spiritual from a young age.  Just like me.  I don't believe I am special.  I believe we are all special.  We are all children of the Most High.  But many have lost their way.  Now huge transformation is going on.  And in my book I lay out a very simple, almost effortless path to grow spiritually and be connected to one's Source.  Or to awaken in our awareness or consciousness.

The psychic talks about a huge war between Lord Kalki and Kali that is currently going on.  And everything we see going on in the world is part of that war.  I know this is happening on the energy level.  But whether the people or the masses will see this avatar, Lord Kalki or not, I don't know about that.  On the energy level, I agree with everything she is saying.  Whether we actually see Lord Kalki or not, I don't feel that is so important.  Because we humans cannot see many things that exist.  (The visible light spectrum is an infinitesimally small part of the full Light spectrum - this is part of science.  This means infinite things exist on Earth that we cannot see.)  I know humanity's transformation is taking place for sure.  That is what my book is all about. 

"When the change comes after the disastrous War between Lord Kalki and 'Kali' ...a lot of people are going to perish..and nobody should have any doubts on this.  There is currently such a huge population who are adorned with the negatives of the 'Kaliyuga'  ...that all those who are not on the path of 'Dharma' would have to go..   And this is necessary for the establishment of 'Dharma'.  She said the Earth was really overburdened by the Vices of this Kaliyuga..  The Earth now is unable to carry the weight of this 'Adharma'.  All the climate change, and tsunamis, and earthquakes, and cyclones that you see are the ways of nature to retaliate against this 'Adharma'."

I feel this is true.  I have read many other teachings of ancient people such as the Hopis and their prophesies are very similar to what this psychic is saying.  I feel this is happening.  Dharma does not mean some religious doctrine or practice that is part of some religion.  It means human values or Higher Consciousness.  Understanding of the truth.  Understanding of Divine Love.  That is who and what we are.  I talk about this in my book and in what I teach.  

"I asked her whether India would become the 'Vishwa Guru, Will India and Indians have a role to play in the spread of Sanatana Dharma.  She said, first of all the Hindus or the Sanatanis of India will have to reform themselves...  If the Hindus want to become a part of the broader picture then they will have to address the problems they have...  According to her the Hindus have become corrupt today...  Society has been deeply corrupted, it has become very insensitive, very unlike it's true character..  There is a lack of purity... People have become lazy and indolent...  People have become hedonistic and drawn towards luxury ..the society has become money oriented and materialistic.  India would play a major role in the rise of Sanatan only when the Hindu society reforms itself..  Immorality, corruption, Non Vegetarianism, resorting to short cuts, Laziness, being fatalistic..  Until and unless we shun these qualities, Bharat would never become truly 'Sanatan Rashtra'"

I agree.  I believe we have lost the very high consciousness or the great spirituality that made this country great.  And I believe a large part of that may have come from the language, Sanskrit.  The British schools that teach the young kids Sanskrit slokas feel that it makes the kids Higher thinking and inspired or more Spiritual.  If one doesn't want to go back to Sanskrit in a mass way, then I have laid out a very simple path in my book to return back to Higher Consciousness.  I also share a very simple 7 min meditation that anyone can do.  It's called Light Channeling.  It will transform your life.  Millions of people's lives (in Bharat and outside) have been transformed by it.  It's free to learn, it's very short (only 7 mins), and you don't need to go anywhere to learn it.  It's all online and takes just a few minutes to learn it.

"The followers of Kali believe that Kali is the true God..and they are the one's who are on the right path.  The Abrahamic religions think in this  way....they believe theirs is the only true religion the rest are all useless.  They believe Heaven or 'Jannat' or whatever they say can be earned only by following their path whereas 'Sanatan' allows questions being asked, it does not have problems.  Sanatan allows different paths to be chosen  Sanatan does not have any issues in different deities and different ways of worship..  The only condition is that tread the right path and maintain purity of thoughts, action and speech ...and whether you recite mantras, or sing hymns, you worship standing or sitting in the Lotus Mudra, there is no issue at all.. there is no prescription here that if you don't follow it , you become a heretic..  Sanatan does not say that if you do not follow this prophet then you are useless.  Sanatan is not a jealous religion,it is not rigid and closed minded.  Sanatan is a very open minded, generous and a vast Macrocosm.  So 'Kali has numerous followers, and has been successful in creating an environment of illusion amongst them..  They think Kali to be the real one..

The real religion is one which does not have a shallow mindset,  A dharma which is not exclusivist in nature..which is all pervasive.....a true religion is one which looks at the holistic picture and is tolerant of others....a belief system which is inclusive"

Yes, I absolutely agree!

"The Females have a big role to play in the rise of 'Sanatana Dharma'  The Women will have to take responsibility... Lakshmi and Shakti reside very naturally amongst the Indian Women and Girls... ...It was because of this that all the marauders from outside had their eyes on our Women...  In the olden days they forcibly attacked and captured our Women.  ..But now in this era of glitz and  glamour, our Women are losing their way and glory themselves..  She says the Indian Women are naturally endowed with Sacrifice, Kindness, Creativity..  ..Competitiveness, Surviving in less resources, the art of forming a household and family by joining small things..  ..Dignity, Culture, beauty, Artistic-ness are all in abundance in the Indian Women.....but unfortunately in this materialistic society  we are losing these qualities..  If Sanatana has to rise the Women will have to Rekindle the Shakti and Lakshmi residing within them...  This society will never get rejuvenated and purified until the Women Folk take the Lead..  She says when the Women folk come forward, take responsibilities, when they are drawn more towards their culture...  ...then the society automatically will incubate, get enriched and move forward and this is how Sanatan will rise.."


Yes, this is very good!  I totally agree!


Now please understand that no one should fear the changes.  Understand that the changes or transformation is happening and we are in the process of creating a new world.  But I think it's very important to take spirituality seriously and have a desire to grow spiritually.  Then all the changes will happen automatically in one's life.  

It doesn't matter what Spiritual path you follow.  But it's a good idea to read something daily that's of spiritual or inspirational nature.  Also pray or meditate daily.

I love Bhageshwar Dham Baba.  He's doing amazing work for Bharat!  I do Hanuman Chalisa 2x daily with my 90yo  mom and also the Bhageshwar Dham mantra.  Many times I'm not at home but I will do it on the phone with her.  It doesn't matter what you do.  But do something to connect to Source or for your Spiritual growth daily.  It's very important!   If you focus on your Spiritual purity and make it your #1 priority, you will grow more abundant and our nation will become much more abundant also!  I go through all of this in my book!  

Please continue reading on the next page ...  On the next page I talk about Nuh, Palghar, the attacks on many religious processions, etc and the state of affairs in Bharat and why it's important for all good hearted people to Unite!  (Also read the chat I had with the Redditor at the bottom of the next page.  It's really good!)

Jai Hind!   

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
Jai Shree Ram!

Har Har Mahadev!

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