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How To Learn Light Channeling!

Light channeling is the quickest and easiest meditation because it takes only 7 mins to do.

Light Channeling is also the most powerful meditation that I have ever tried and I have been doing it for over 2 years now.  I am so grateful that I found it!  I highly recommend everyone learn this!  It's very easy and takes just a few minutes to learn.  The instructions are online.  No need to go anywhere to learn it or spend any money!

To learn Light Channeling, just go to this site: Read the first page. It gives the instructions.

You can also see this 6 min video:  (How To Channel Light - Technique Video)

After you learn the method, go through the above site fully.  They have taught this method to about 3 Million kids in 5700 schools all over Bharat.

Later you can also read this site to learn more about it:

This method was given just for this time of transition to the Golden Age or Heaven on Earth.  By the Great Light Masters (The Sapt-Rishis).

Here is their Youtube channel to watch videos to learn more about it later over time:

What Is Happening About the UFO/ET Disclosure Events In USA & The US Congressional Hearings?

Are you aware of the recent developments in UFO and ET disclosure, as well as the US congressional hearings  conducted by the US government on this matter? Also the alien bodies showcased in Mexico that have 3 fingers that DNA tests have proved are non-human.  This information holds huge implications for the awakening of humanity or mass consciousness  on Earth.  When people start focusing on the actual facts, they inevitably undergo a profound awakening, realizing that there's much more happening than what's presented in mainstream news or shared with the general public.

In mid-June, some highly respected senior officers within the US military came forward with startling revelations. They disclosed that, for several decades, the US military and Pentagon had been concealing alien technology and operating a clandestine program to retrieve UFOs. This program was kept so secret that it remained hidden from the US Congress and the majority of the US government for many decades.

News of these disclosures quickly spread worldwide. The whistleblowers alleged the existence of a shadow government operating within the US military and Pentagon, responsible for the custody of 12 spacecraft and deceased non-human alien beings. These claims were corroborated by numerous high-ranking individuals within the US military, and even US congressmen such as Senator Marco Rubio acknowledged the increasing number of whistleblowers coming out now.

The US government conducted congressional hearings during which three prominent whistleblowers were interviewed before the entire US Congress, and these proceedings were broadcast on national TV.  All videos of these hearings can be found on YouTube.


Following the congressional hearings, the Pentagon embarked on efforts to discredit the whistleblowers, despite their impeccable reputations and high military ranks. The aim was to shape the narrative, leading those who had been following the story to believe it lacked substantial importance. The intention was to encourage the masses to dismiss it and return to their state of unawareness or indifference regarding this topic.

For a deeper understanding of these events, I recommend watching a crucial video: 'David Grusch UFO/UAP Bombshells: Ross Coulthart Reveals the Inside Story' (

Rest assured, this is not the last we'll hear of this matter. More whistleblowers from the US military are stepping forward, and in the coming months and years, additional developments will continue to awaken humanity. I discuss these events and all that is going on further in my book.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

Also see these videos:

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers

The Harvard Professor Who Says Aliens Have Visited

The Stanford Professor Who Says Aliens are "100%" On Earth

Non-human Alien Corpses in Mexico

In my opinion, most of the ETs are benevolent and highly advanced in their consciousness.  They have been on Earth throughout humanity's history.  They have been waiting for more humans to awaken and then there will be more and more interactions between ETs and humans.   In the coming times they will share their advanced technologies with us when enough humans have awoken.  The US military may stage fake alien attacks using AI to put more humans in fear in an attempt to block our awakening process.  


A huge paradigm shift is going on in humanity's consciousness.  This is by no means the last we will hear about this topic.  This is just the start of it.  We are going to continue to hear more and more on this topic   Which will cause millions of people to shift their consciousness.  This is a great thing!   Read my book!

Simple Methods To Practice Daily - These Will Help You!

If you have very little time, I recommend just do the Light Channeling 1x or 2x per day.  That will help you tons!  

But if you have a little bit more time and want to grow in your Spiritual abilities and in purifying your life energies faster, I recommend doing the following methods daily.  I do these methods at the end of each Light Channeling session.  It takes just a around 10 minutes more to do all the methods.  (If you are a total novice to Spiritual methods, then you may want to stick to the Light Channeling for a few weeks.  That will get you plenty of good experiences!  Then you can slowly start adding more methods that are in this video.  But I will leave it up to you how you want to go.  These are also very simple methods.  Nothing complicated here.  This is great for novices.  Just ask me any questions if you need to.)

I have created the 2 videos below to help you.  (Actually it's the same video but the 2 links below take you to different time spots) These will guide you through the methods.    This will guide you through the 7 min Light Channeling     This will guide you through some methods I do at the end of the 7 mins Light Channeling.  This will help you connect to the global grid of Love and Light, really open up your Heart, connect to the angelic beings or  Great beings of Light, cleanse your Chakras and open up your third eye, etc. (These methods are detailed below in text form.  Please first see this video.  If necessary read the text below also to understand more.  If you don't know Chakras, there is a chakra chart I have put in the text part also).

If you don't understand stuff like chakras, or third eye, etc. don't worry.  Just follow along as best as you can.  You will understand it soon enough.  Chakras are just energy centers located in different points on the body  (See the chart below on this post).  Third eye is a spot in between the eyebrows.

(Note - In the above videos you will see that my head bobs up when I am going in deep meditation.  This happens automatically for me.  It's not something you have to do.  It's not part of the methods.)

On our live sessions, we will do all these methods as a group.  But its good if you practice them daily to prepare for the live sessions.  You will also make far greater Spiritual progress faster!  This is very simple stuff - it only takes a few minutes more than the 7 mins Light channeling.

Now I will detail all the methods I do at the end of the Light Channeling below in text form.  The 2nd video above guides you through them - see that video first.  Read the text below only if needed.  There is also a chakra diagram below that may help some people.

After The Light Channeling I Go Through The Following Steps:

1.  Say I Love you my Source.  I Love you (say your name).  I Love you my guardian angels and Spirit guides.  I Love you mother Gaia (mother earth).  I Love you all of humanity.  (This will really connect you to the Love vibration!)

2.   Now I create the grid of Light and Love connecting my Heart with the Heart of all humanity, all angels, etc.  See the spark in your Heart.  It grows as you focus on it, like a little sun.  Now you decide to follow one ray.  It goes out from your Heart into the room where you are.  Then out the door into your house.  Then out from the house.  Now this is an intelligent ray of Light.  It wants to connect to the Heart of someone who is at least 50% aligned towards Light and Love.  It finds this person and it goes into their Heart.  So now you have created a Heart to Heart connection between your Heart and their Heart.   Similarly there are rays of Light going out from their Hearts and connecting to others in your community who are at least 50% aligned towards Light and Love!  Similarly, there are other rays of Light going out from your Heart to other people's Hearts in your community.   And going out from their Hearts to other people's Hearts in your community.  This way the grid of Light and Love grows to your whole community.  Then to more and more communities and into your city.  Now more and more cities into your entire nation.  Then more and more nations and covers the entire world.  Now the grid keeps expanding to all angels, archangels, ascended masters, benevolent ETs.  All living things.  

This grid of Light and Love keeps expanding.  You notice as the Love comes from others into your Heart, as you focus on it, it grows bigger.  Then it returns back to them.  It expands in their Heart as they focus on it and returns back to you.  So this is like an infinity or 8 symbol connecting your Heart to every other person's Hearts.  Which makes the Love and Light expand and expand and expand.

Now once you create this grid of Light and Love, you can really feel it and see it coming from the Great Central Sun and passing through the Photon belt and creating a Tsunami of Light and Love washing everything all throughout the Earth.  Going into every particle, every space, every molecule and every atom on mother Gaia.  Permeating, imbuing, flooding, washing all over the Earth.  Also every cell of your body, every organ.  All of your bodies, your mental, emotional, etheric and causal bodies.  It is washing away all dis-eases, all afflictions.  And all the cells and organs of your body are rejoicing and returning back to their pristine state.  Or original Divine blueprint or state of Divine perfection or as you were originally created by the Divine.  This is the state in which all humans are meant to live their lives on Earth.

3.  Now we chant Love, Love, Love.  On the live calls, I will open up the lines so people can hear the entire group chanting Love.  We can see all the Great beings of Light. trillions of angels and archangels all around us.  We can connect to any of the Great Beings or Archangels that we want to.  All of them are there, the Divine Mother, the Christ, the Archangels, Babaji.  We can speak to them.  We can ask them to help us with anything.  And to make our channel clearer so we can talk to them, channel their wisdom more and more on a daily basis.  Through our automatic writing and channeling, etc.


I have found Steps 2 & 3 very useful and helpful in connecting to a very high level or vibration and in helping me to open up my communication with the Great Beings of Light and my spiritual abilities.  You need to be able to create a very high vibration at will.  This method is really helpful for that!

4.  Now as you continue to chant Love, Love, we will go through the chakra cleansing exercise.  See a beautiful crystal in the shape of an eye.  This crystal is on top of your head in your Crown chakra.  This method has been gifted to us by the Andromedans who are a benevolent ET race.  I got this method from GFL Station YT channel.  Now this eye shaped crystal is going to go slowly down your chakras one at a time.  Starting with the Crown chakra.  It cleanses, purifies, and optimizes the energy of the Crown chakra, and adds clarity.  It also helps to see the colors of the chakras.  So the crown chakra is the violet flame.  Now it goes to the third eye chakra which is indigo or purple.  Now the throat chakra which is turquoise blue.  Now Heart chakra which is green.  Now Solar plexus chakra which is yellow right below your rib cage.  Now Sacral plexus chakra which is orange at the level of the navel.  Now root chakra which is red at the level of the sex organs.  Now earth star chakra 2 feet below your feet.   You can see that as brown.   

I have found this method very powerful to purify my overall energy that I can really notice in my life.  That's why I love to do this after each Light channeling session, 1x or 2x a day!  It's wonderul!

Please notice in the chakra diagram below, the placement of the third eye chakra is not the best.  It should be between the eyebrows.  The diagram looks like its at the nose level.  That is wrong.  Everything else seems ok.  No need to remember the Sanskrit names.  Just the English names and the colors.


5.  Now the next method is putting your attention on the 3rd eye and Pineal gland for 90 seconds.  I point my index finger in between the eyebrows.  Touching that spot gently.  Now I see a horizontal line going back from the tip of the finger to the center of the head.  Now I see a vertical line going down from the Crown chakra.  The intersection of the vertical line and the horizontal line is about the location of the pineal gland.  Just gently, softly put your attention on the pineal gland for about 90 seconds.

6.  Now you can start coming back.  Now I say we can use an affirmation.  The affirmation I use was given by Louise Hay for prosperity of all types.  It helps to connect us to the abundance, flow, joy, all good things in our lives.  You can use whatever affirmation you want.
  But I use this one.

Say 3X the following:
I AM A magnet for attracting wealth!
All forms of prosperity come to me!
I radiate success and prosperity wherever I AM!

Louise Hay used this affirmation all the time in the earlier years.  All throughout the day and even at night she used it.  Then she started Hay House and became very abundant!  I have found this very helpful!  Try it!  It works great

7.  Now you can thank the Light, Spirit, your guardian angels or Spirit guides, all the Great beings of Light.

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