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How Spirituality Can Solve Bharat's Problems

(Please also read my site  You can do that after you read this.)

Here is my chat I had with a Redditor regarding how social media is one of the best things that has happened for Hindus.  Also how spirituality can solve Bharat's problems over time.  This is an excellent chat!  Must Read this fully!

bluthra:  Social media is the best thing that could have happened for Bharat because I sincerely believe that large numbers of muslims are humanizing or deradicalizing, and becoming wiser.  Especially the youth!  (According to a Pew Research survey in 2021, 1.2 Crore Muslims in India are now Ex muslims!  I know this will turn into 5-10 Crores in 5 or 6 years due to movies such as Kashmir Files and Kerala Story.)  Same is true about my muslim friends who are part of my group.  They are hungry for the spiritual truth and they are closet ex muslims now.  Even though they cannot come out like that because they fear for their lives.

Many muslims disagree with what's been going on but they cannot say so openly.  Because they live in a society that has brainwashed everybody.  Maybe even their parents and siblings.  But if you go on their FB profile pages you will see lots of spiritual messages and LOA messages, etc.  But they still have to remain in the closet about their actual beliefs.  They cannot be outwardly ex muslims. They cannot outwardly support Nupur Sharma, etc.

What happened in anti CAA protests is that there was lot of disinformation.  There were people putting fear into them that the gov wants to drive you out of Bharat.  Same problem with the farm protests.  Some anti-national party put fear into the farmers that your farms will be taken away now, etc.  Nobody actually reads the laws.  This is all happening due to foreign funding and toolkit being controlled by the Islamo Leftist Communist Christian nexus and with involvement of pappu and Soros funding.

You also said this: "While you have a good message, I don't think spiritual transformation is what we need".  Let me talk about this now.

First I would like you to read a post I put in my sub.  I will duplicate it here.  A skeptical Redditor was arguing with me about this topic.  That Bharats got so so many problems.  We need people to work on these and solve these problems.  Not focus on spirituality.  Because it felt like to him that the message I was giving was only going to make people Sanyasis.  But he was asking what I was smoking?  He wanted to smoke the same thing.  Let me duplicate the same post here.

abhi: Morality, ethics, spirituality talks looks good only in books. India as a nation has lot of other major problems to solve.  Your spirituality video won't solve any of it instead it might make others as Sanyasi, we need people to be motivated and focused to keep growing in life.  Even right or wrong is defined by situation; nothing is absolute.  Btw, where can I get the stuff you smoke? I wanna experience the divine 😂😂.

So here is my response to him:

bluthra:  Ok you're making some valid points.  Have you read my 3 pages (it's on and the chat at the end of my site with the skeptical Redditor?  If you have not read it yet, you must do so first.  Only then you will be able to smoke what I am smoking.  Yes, Bharat has tons of problems.  I agree.  But will you be in a better position to solve these problems if you were at the top of the mountain and having a higher, wider perspective where you could see everything much more clearly, and had much more power available to you.  Rather than being at the bottom of the mountain dealing with all this garbage going on and not knowing what the heck to do?

What I shared with you before is the Maharishi effect, which is a scientific effect that proves that a group of people meditating together can start solving many problems such as violence in the city, etc.  Please take the time to ask Google or Bing AI to answer all your questions about this so you can understand all the science behind this.  There are 50+ scientific studies published in peer reviewed academic journals on it.  So the evidence behind this is very impressive.  Google Maharishi effect verified by scientific research. 

How can a group of people meditating on thoughts such as peace and love affect all humans in the city?  The theory is that these types of thoughts accumulate exponentially and they affect the mass consciousness or mass thinking which helps everyone.  Please Google search it.

What I am smoking is called Higher Consciousness.  I know how to create the energies I want.  Not just in my personal life, but in groups.  And given enough time, we can do it in cities, states and in the whole nation or world also.   It's not humans that can do anything.  But the Higher energy can do anything through us.   We are just the instruments.  Like a pen.  The pen just does the writing.  It's the Higher energy that does the actual work.

What I have been sharing with people is a very simple 7 min spiritual process that I feel is more powerful than even meditation. Try it.  It's free and extremely simple to learn and to do daily.  It has absolutely changed my life.  I could not do what I'm currently doing without it.  So what if a simple process can give you greater clarity, greater power to face what you're facing, greater insight of how to solve your problems.  What if we can teach a group of people how to do it? 

What do you think would be easier.  To solve your problems while you are in Higher Consciousness or lower human or ego consciousness?  All these ideas and great power I'm currently getting is only because of Higher Consciousness.  Because I have the energy and power that is stronger than thousands of others who are not in Higher Consciousness.  Because they have no idea how to get there. Because they are at the bottom of the mountain. And they have no interest in being on top of the mountain.

Humans can't do very much on their own. But a human who has the great power flowing through them can do anything.  So tens of thousands of people who don't have the power flowing through them may not do anything.  Because they all think in negative terms.  Or they all have mental blocks.  They cannot get out of the box.  Or the hellhole they're in.  But a human who has the power flowing through them can think out of the box and think in terms of infinite possibilities that are are not available to the others.  Ok?

Higher consciousness is what you are feeling that I'm smoking something.  That feeling is pretty accurate.  But you can easily smoke what I'm smoking too.  Just read the 3 pages.  Read the chat I had with the skeptical Redditor.  Then read my book.  Then you will be there!  You will be smoking the same thing too!  I want millions of people in Bharat to start smoking the same thing!

Einstein had said you cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking or energy at which the problem was created from. So you must go to a higher level of thinking or energy or consciousness.  Then the solution is there.   What I'm saying is the same thing.  You cannot solve all the problems Bharat is currently facing.  Why?  Because people are stuck.  They have no idea how to get into Higher Consciousness or be on top of the mountain.  And most have zero interest.  What I am teaching people for free is a simple, simple process to help them to do that.  Then the solution is there! 

It seems to me you want the solution. So you MUST take the steps I am suggesting.  I promise you I will help you find the solution if you will take the steps!  I will give you my 100% if you give your 100%!  But if you quit on the way or get diverted then I cant help you.  And the steps I'm talking about is simple, simple, simple.  Its simple only if people have interest.  Otherwise its not simple.  It's impossible.  Hope that helps.

Also read what the psychic said again on my 2nd page.  Out of the 3 pages (on  Our planet is going to a higher level of energy now. Whether we humans like it or not.  We are going to face extreme chaos in our lives and world if we don't agree to go there to a higher level now.  It seems to me you have a desire to go to the higher level.  So just do what I am suggesting.  Its simple.


Another thing I'm saying is that Hindus were always interested in spirituality.  Hinduism is not a religion.  It is spirituality or many spiritual paths all leading to the Divine.  It was outsiders who destroyed Bharat's interest in spirituality and made us materialistic and mechanized and locked in a box.  If we want any hope of solving all the nations problems, enough Hindus must return back to spirituality or spiritual solutions. 

And the solution I am providing can be very very simple. Even if you just spend 10 mins per day doing this meditation method I am suggesting, you will start making a lot of progress.  And as enough people do it, it will start solving all our problems. But to really understand the power of this method,  I recommend you to read my book also.  Which takes 1-2 hours to read.  Or just read the first 2 chapters, around 25 pages.  It will take only 20 mins and will change your life!


Ok. So I sincerely believe what the psychic is saying on the 2nd page of my site.  This nation is deeply corrupted.  The only way out is if more and more and more people agree to focus on spiritual or heart transformation for even 10 mins per day.  We can do this now.  If we don't do that, we can never get out of the hellhole.  We will go deeper and deeper in the hellhole.  Because of what Einstein said.  I wrote it above.  Its very sad to me that most people in Bharat don't believe in spirituality which is the essential energy that made Bharat Bharat.

That made us great in the ancient times.  And can make us great again.  I believe that if suddenly there was mass spiritualization of this country, there would be no more problems left. Because it will be Satyug or Golden Age.  But that is happening now!  It's happening whether we like it or not.  We can either go there happily or we can go there kicking and screaming.  That is up to us.  Or we can leave the planet.  That is our choice too.  All these energies affect the mass consciousness.  SO as more people in Bharat spiritualize, we wont have any problems with the muslims anymore.  Because they will automatically all humanize.  It may take some time, maybe 1-5 years, maybe a decade, but it will happen.

Please see this 6 min video by Sister Shivani "Kalyug Ab Khatam: Sister Shivani Explains How Satyug Is Starting"

I also sincerely believe that not only are most of the Muslims brainwashed.  But most of the Hindus are brainwashed also. By the media, and mainstream thinking, etc.  They all want to follow someone like sheep.  They do not want to think for themselves.  So many will fight tooth and nail before they agree that spirituality is good.  Why?  Because the masses don't think that way.  But it's not just Hindus. Its entire humanity on this planet.  But westerners are far more open than Hindus are.  Hindus are tough. Its all due to brainwashing.

I know how people here fight with me when I tell them spirituality is the answer.  Even on my posts here.  Because its not in their thinking yet.  Read what the psychic said again.  Read the chat I had with the skeptical Redditor at the end of my site. Then read 30 pages of my book.  Then lets talk!

Another thing I want to say brother is don't make spirituality a big deal.  It's very simple.  Everyone should learn to meditate. You can research meditation and see how many benefits it has.  What I share with people Light Channeling is even better than meditation.  It only takes 7 mins to do.  It's powerful! 

But you can do any spiritual methods you like or are attracted to.  Just take spirituality very seriously at this time!  That's all I am saying.  No need to do just what I'm doing or suggesting.  But read my book if you can.  It's good!

Also, everyone should learn something like Law of attraction (I teach something simpler and more powerful than LOA.).  You can do much better in your life, relationships and career once you learn it.  And it's also very simple.  And i teach all this stuff for free.

If people remove their mental blocks about spiritual stuff, spirituality is very fun and easy.  The problem is in Bharat people have tons of misconceptions and mental blocks.  The outsiders wanted to control us so they put all these fears in us. That's the problem.

When Hindus think of spirituality they think in terms of taking Sanyas.  That's crazy.  Nutty.  The outsiders have succeeded in planting all these misconceptions and fears in us.  And cut Hindus off from who they are as a people.

Now please be sure to  read the site carefully!  It's just 3 pages.  Thanks!

Jai Hind!   

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
Jai Shree Ram!

Har Har Mahadev!

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