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Do You Want To Change Your Life And Help Change The World?  Just Change Your Habits Or What You Think About Or Focus On!

(Please read every word here - Thanks!  You will Love it!)

Everything is Love!  We are Love!  Love is what we and the entire Universe are born out of.  But for some reason, humanity thinks that if they live their lives outside of the Love energy, they are going to succeed and be happy and fulfilled.  How is that possible?  It's impossible or very, very difficult.  

A fish cannot live outside of water and think how can I be successful or joyful?  It doesn't have a hope of being successful or joyful.  Because it will keep thinking how can I get back in the water.  Or it will die trying.  This may seem like an odd analogy but it's very applicable to the whole of humanity.  Love is what we or humanity need the most!  We need to learn new habits of thinking and being.  We need to learn these habits from the time of infancy.  In this world we are taught how to become machines from the time we are kids.  So there is no true freedom.  These habits are deeply ingrained in us.  So this course is all about shifting habits.  That work a whole lot better in our lives and world.  It creates a whole new world, slowly.  

In my book Humanity Awaken, my focus is on showing people how we can align more and more with the Love vibration!  That is what Higher Consciousness is!  That is what Higher Vibration is!   If you do it, everything, everything in your life will transform into Heaven on Earth or Golden Age!  Holding a very high vibration, or an energy that is more full of Divine Love is the easiest and fastest path to huge success in whatever path or area of life that interests you!  And this Love energy will create a fantastic life experience on Earth, as more and more people learn how to do it!  Because the results for the planet or everyone else are exponential, once more and more people just get it!  Wow!  The problem is most people don't understand Love or how to use this energy!

Science is discovering that the human heart is 500x more powerful or magnetically powerful than the human brain.  And it has a whole different type of intelligence than the brain.  But most humans don't understand how we can tap into or use this energy to our advantage!  We are slowly learning how.

My focus is on creating or finding very, very simple methods that will align you more with the Love energy!  So you can fill your lives with such methods that create a powerful and magical experience for you!  And then share them with others so easily! Because others will be magnetized or attracted by your incredible energy or joy also!  Then more and more people will be attracted just like a chain of dominoes falling.  

Once you are in this Love energy, as I am describing, you are in Oneness.  You are in Unity Consciousness.  You are no longer separate from the Source.   You will learn that you are never alone,   Never!   There are trillions of angels or Great beings of Light all around you at all times!  When you are in this space or consciousness the entire Kingdom of God is yours for the asking!  

Very simple methods such as the 7 min Light Channeling method and the Garden of Eden with Full Provision method are the keys to unlock life’s blessings and life’s miracles on our beautiful planet!  And help you manifest your Dream Life and Dream World totally effortlessly!  YES!

What does this logo do?  It connects us with Divine Love energy very deeply, or who we really are!

What if there were lots of other methods that can create a night and day difference in your life?  They will bring Love, Joy, Flow, abundance, creativity and playfulness into your life.  So you can play with the energy just like a kid again!  (This is the best way or attitude to learn or approach these methods!)  They will provide solutions to all of life’s problems that you may be facing such as with money, relationships, work, health or whatever.  Because it will teach you how to live life as who you really are again!

The following video will give you a greater understanding of who I am and why I am here and what I am truly passionate about. It’s only 6 mins.  Please watch it now!

Essentially, I have an innate understanding of the problems that humanity is facing currently and how they can get out of it and create the lives and world that we prefer or Heaven on Earth!  This shift is happening whether we humans like it or not.

The types of stuff you will be learning in this course are:

- How to hold a very high and magnetic vibration always, that is compatible with all that you want in your life and world!

- How to be in Joy, Love, Gratitude and Compassion or connected to your Heart and to the Source all the time!

- How to connect deeply to the Source, to angels and to the great beings of Light all the time!
- How to be in Unity Consciousness or Oneness with All That Is and never feel alone again!
- How to start manifesting your Dream Life and Dream World more and more effortlessly!  Whatever you can imagine or ask for is yours for the asking when you are in this space!

- How to hold a very High Vision and Higher Consciousness always!

- How to be guided always in fulfilling your life purpose and knowing fully well what that purpose is!

- How to be a Master of energy!  Able to shift the energies in your life and world easily!

- How to heal yourself and others like a master!

- How to always know whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

- How to have more and more miracles or mystical or magical experiences happening in your life!

- How to unfold your natural psychic or intuitive gifts!

To take the course, you will be signing up on my email list.  (Its best if you create a brand new email address just for this course - like JacksSpiritCourse@gmail!) You will be receiving emails from me around 2X per week.  The emails will contain some text that you can read in around 2-5 minutes.  There may be some short video also, usually around 5-10 minutes.  Sometimes very rarely it will be longer, around 30 mins or so.  But that is very rare.  I may use my own videos or others videos that I feel are really excellent.  If you have little time and you’re getting too much info, you can slow down.  Just open up the emails later or do them at your own pace.   The emails will be in your inbox.  (make sure you add my email to your address book so they don't go to spam or promotions folder.)

My intention is to change your life!  I only share stuff that has absolutely changed my own life.   And I really feel it will change yours or benefit you tons also!  

Occasionally around once or twice a month, I will do a live Q&A type call plus Light Channeling, etc.  And I will be teaching you a lot of things such as how to open up your 3rd eye, open up spiritual abilities, etc.

I really, really feel anyone who is doing this course or is part of our group is going to be on a rocketship for making rapid advancements not only Spiritually but in manifesting their hearts desires effortlessly!  I really Love you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for being with me on this glorious, magical journey!

The sign-up link for the course is below.  Please read this entire message first!

Love & Light!  Namaste!

PS.  What if you came across an Owners Manual for living your life as it is truly meant to be lived here on Earth.  Would you read it?  If it benefits you tremendously, would you share it with others?  That is what I intend this course to be like for everyone. That is the way I see this.  Thank you for being here!


See this course as an Owners Manual for life on Earth - because that is what it is!  It can dramatically improve life on Earth!


PPS.  Most people think they are body mind, and we have to function with this machine they call the world, or their mechanistic life.  This can be seen as a bad habit because this type of body mind thinking doesn’t work for most people.  Let's consider a bad habit such as smoking, as an example.  Smoking will cause all types of health problems and stress in your life.  To become healthier, you must give up smoking.  Similarly, in order to live a much more beautiful, joyous, powerful and magical life, you need to change your thinking about who you are.  You are not the body mind.  You are Spirit Soul and you come out of this energy called Divine Love.  The entire Universe comes out of this Divine Love.  And it is Love!

So, this type of thinking that you are body mind is a bad habit that everyone is habituated to.  Because everyone thinks this way. What if you lived in a world where everyone smokes?  Kids started smoking at  6 or 7 years of age.  Then you may not think of smoking as a bad habit.  You may think this is a normal part of life that everyone does.  So what if I came in from another planet where people don’t smoke and everyone is very healthy.  And I try to tell you you shouldn’t smoke because it’s a bad habit.  Maybe you might start believing me and try it out and get lots of benefits.  You can breathe easier, receive lots of joy, health and flow in your life.  But you may still think it's a little bit weird because everyone smokes.  So what's the big deal?

So what if I put together tons of powerful methods that make it simple, simple for you to change or drop your bad habit?  Would that be useful?  Could that change the entire world?  Because it will enable everyone to change or drop their bad habits very easily. Absolutely, if the methods are very powerful and simple to use!  What I am doing with my free course is very similar.  I am helping you to drop your bad habits or behavior and take on very beneficial habits that can tremendously enhance your life and our world!  It will enable you to be much more successful and joyful in whatever you do far more easily.

PPPS.  This course is free, but I request that everyone donate something, whatever you can afford at this time.  This

will enable me to keep expanding my work.  I have many projects I want to start globally and in Bharat as I mentioned in my Spiritual-warriors site, but I cannot do it without some help.  (Donations are optional.  If you cannot donate, join anyway!  Suggested donation is $15+ USD or 1000 INR+.  If you cannot afford that, give half of that or less.  If you can donate more, please do so!  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks a ton!  Whatever you can afford I am extremely grateful for!  Please don't think that a small donation is not useful.  Even a very small donation is very useful.  No one is going to check how much you are giving.  But please try to donate something, even small, before starting the course.  Thanks!)  This course will last many months - you will receive around 2 lessons per week for 5-6 months.   It will typically take 1-2 hours per week to go through the lessons.  My vision is that it will change millions of people's lives over time!  It will heal people and make them far more powerful and happier human beings!  It also changes Mother Gaia's (Earth's) energy because the power of this Light and Love is exponential.  The more people get it, the more people just get it!  

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, you can contact me at!  I will try to respond back asap!

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