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Desh ❤️ Prem

Note: After reading this page, please also see Best Solutions For Bharat.  All the best solutions that our group comes across, I will continue to put them here on an ongoing basis.  This is a good idea, because then we can have all the best or most intelligent solutions in one place.  Then we can all work towards achieving them. 

How can we restore the energy of Nationalism, Patriotism, Pride and Love of Country in Bharat?

This is a must see video!  (Please see at least 6 to 7 mins of this video, or see the full video if you can!  It's excellent!)


If you can see the above video fully, you will understand what makes him act in this way!

I feel very few people in Bharat can do this type of thing or have this type of bravery or love for our mother Bharat.  Hats off to this young student!  If more people would think and behave like this boy, that would change Bharat totally!

Self Love is extremely important.  To grow spiritually, one needs Self Love, Self confidence, love for one's mother or parents, love for motherland.  These are all part of self Love!  Without self Love, spiritual growth is not possible.  Most people in Bharat do not have the type of love exhibited by this boy.  But millions of people in Bharat have no love in them.   They are totally devoid of Love and totally mechanized.


Also see this great video from the Tibetan community


We can tell people to be good, do good things for the country and for others.  But if the higher energy is not there in them, then it won't work.  Because they've got too much focus on mind, the material energy and their own self interests or money or issues of their own lives.

So I was asking myself how can we put this Desh ❤️ Prem energy in more Bharatiye?

I feel what can work is if people can be taught to focus on Spiritual transformation or Heart transformation.  If they are committed to focusing on Spiritual transformation for at least 10 mins per day, that will help tremendously!  That's if they have very little time.

If they have a little more time, they can do Light channeling 2X per day.

If they can spare 1-2 hours per week more, I recommend they should take my free course.  Then they can really open up more and learn how to communicate on the higher planes, with the angels, great beings of Light or Bhageshwar Balaji, etc.  Their lives will transform!  They will become Spiritual Warriors!  As more and more people learn how to do this, this can transform Bharat!  Because everyone will be receiving and acting on Higher Visions!  That will help the country and help everyone!

This is the reason the process Spirit is asking me to share with people is very good!  We can take people through a simple process that will get them interested in Spiritual or Heart transformation.  My process is I let them read the site and let them read the book in 1-2 hours.  Then they will be interested in focusing on spiritual transformation or heart transformation daily.  This process works!  It's very simple!

Then they can come to this site and read and see more videos on Desh ❤️ Prem!  And come to our group and interact with others.  That can really inspire everyone!  I may expand this site soon and add stories of Bharat's true history and true leaders.  Or turn this into a newsletter with uplifting stories.  Please let me know if people are interested in that and I will seriously consider it.  🙏

This type of Desh ❤️ Prem is not possible or very difficult if most people are living mechanized lives, praying to the God in the sky asking for boons.  But if one is connecting with the Divinity or Divine Love inside them on a daily basis and learning to open up their Hearts and learning how to communicate on the higher planes, then this type of living in Love becomes very natural.   We need to help restore this type of thinking and behavior in Bharat for more and more people!  Then Bharat will be night and day different!

A top psychic in the US said that only 3% of people in the world are spiritually awakened or conscious.  And 97% of people are sleeping or sleep walking through life.  They may be good at their jobs, but they are not spiritually conscious.  This causes a lot of problems in our world and in society.  Any society which is devoid of Love has these types of symptoms that we experience.

I was speaking to someone recently and they said the biggest problem in Bharat is Islam.  We need more restrictions on Islam.  I said if by restrictions he means what Yogi and Biswas Sharma are doing, then I agree.  But I also said all people in Bharat should focus on Spiritual transformation or start doing Light Channeling for at least 7-10 mins per day.  Because then maybe we can awaken 10% of the people or more.  That will change the energy in the nation totally.  Then more and more muslims will feel the urge in their hearts to become ex muslims or they will focus on reforming islam.  This will be very good for Bharat!  This is the transformation that is happening now.  It will be good for everyone to be aware or conscious of this energy.

Please send me videos and stories that we can put in this Desh ❤️ Prem site!  So people will desire to come here often.  And get inspired.  Thanks!

Best Solutions For Bharat



Best Solutions For Bharat

In this section I will be putting the best solutions I or our group have found for Bharat that we should work towards.


#1.  Solutions For Islamic Radicalization

 - Please see this video with Sumit Jain and Nazia Elahi Khan.
     This is excellent and I believe what Nazia is recommending should become law for Bharat!   

#2.  What Is The Cause Of All Or Most Of The Problems Bharat Has Faced In Recent Times?

 - I just wrote an article on my Blog titled "All Bharatiye Must Read This - About What May Be Coming In Bharat"  
Please read this - It's excellent!

#3.  What Do We Do About The Lousy Leaders Bharat Has Had In Recent Times?  Some Are Very Good But Many Shouldn't Be In Leadership Positions.

Please read this artcle in my Blog "The Reason We Have The Leaders We Have Is Due To The Previous Consciousness"

Do you love the work I am doing?  Please Donate.  (So I can help more people in Bharat to awaken.  Awakening people is my passion!  Any amount helps.) Thank you so much! 

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