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The Free Course Is Temporarily Closed.  Please read the book and learn Light
Channeling,  The free course will be opening again very soon.
  Thank you.  


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Please read or watch something spiritual daily if you can in this current time of transition.



Here Are The Videos Contained In The Book:

   Video 1:  "One Day" song sung in Haifa, Israel in 2018

    Video 2:  4-min must see video, explaining Soul Force

    Video 3:  1 min short message from the Spiritual Jesus for the current times   


   Video 4:  Abraham-Hicks on "The Stream"

   Video 5:  Modi and Mark Zuckerberg in FB campus


My Story - Awakening To My Starseed Mission, etc

I said previously that there are 100s of thousands of Starseeds worldwide.  There is a good 7 min video below that explains the 3 waves of Starseeds.  This is Dolores Cannon who was the foremost researcher on Starseeds.  She is a hypnotist who had regressed thousands during her 45 year career.  She died in 2014.  This is a must see video, and its about 10 years old.  (According to Dolores Cannon's breakdown, I am a first wave Starseed.) 

Almost all Starseeds have had a very chaotic life, but First Wave starseeds had it the toughest because we were the pioneers.  In order to come here and complete our mission, we had to forget who we were or why we were here.  Only then we could understand or connect to regular humans and the human situation.  And so more humans could connect with us.  If we came here in our big beautiful Divine selves, most humans would not relate with that.  When the time was right, then we would start remembering who we are more and more, very high Light beings!  Then we could uplift ourselves and uplift tons of others also. 

(This is very similar to the balloon being analogy I shared in the book!)  A Spiritual truth is "As I am lifted up, all life is lifted up with me!"   This 7-min video gives a very good description of Starseeds.   It's exactly what I went through. (7 mins).

Here are the details of what happened to me in 2017.  This is a part of a letter I wrote to my sister.  It contains lot of details about Starseeds and what was happening to me, miracles, etc.  It really blew me away at that time!  It enabled me to start awakening to my mission, so I could serve others from my Heart.  But awakening is an ongoing process.  I awaken more and more daily:

I have shared the truth in this book as best as I can.  None of these methods that I share are difficult at all.  And humans have an immense opportunity in this time to go to the next level of our mastery and experience on Earth and in solving all the previous problems and difficulties on Earth.  We are just being asked to act boldly, from our Hearts!  


Understanding The Great Central Sun And Photon Belt Better:

   1.  Watch 10 mins of this video:   This video helps to understand the Great Central Sun as the Center Point or Eye of the Universe.  And the effects it has on all life.

   2.  This is an excellent video and has more scientific facts that will help you understand the Photon belt.



Note - if you're interested in the Desh Prem site ❤️ go here:
In this site I am including the best solutions that I am finding.  (Like what to do about the radical islamists inside the country, etc).

Also everyone PLEASE READ this article, "Why 2024 Is An Amazing, Yet Very Challenging Year.  What Must we do?"  Click Here.  This article is very, very important for everyone to read after they read my book!  Please take the time to read it!  It's life changing!


As far as good books and movies, I have read tons more good books and seen great movies.  The ones I am including here are very few.  Only the ones I feel will give you the greatest boost in understanding for your Spiritual growth and transformation at this time!

Suggested Movies To See:  (These movies will help you get out of your logical mind filters.)

   1.  The Secret - This movie is available in Hindi and several other Indian languages for free on YT.  Or in English on Netflix.  And in tons of other languages.  Just search online.

    2.  Thrive Movie - This movie is available for free on YT in English. 
 I recommend you watch the trailer first.  It's here:  The full movie is here:


      3.  The Matrix (first movie in the Matrix series.) - This brilliant movie is a very spiritual movie disguised as a sci fi thriller.  It will start awakening you and make you feel what we are living in, is this really real?  This movie awakened a lot of people in the West and worldwide.


Suggested Books To Read:

    1. Ask And It Is Given by Esther Hicks

    2.  Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle by Stuart Wilde      


    3.  Autobiography Of A Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda


How To Get In Touch WIth Me:

     Email me at  I will try to respond back to you asap.  Thanks!

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